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Back in April, I started a thread on Twitter using the hashtags #scarypresentations and #cautionarytales that really seemed to hit a thread with Medical twitter, quickly reaching 85k impressions and hundreds of replies, each sharing hard-won pearls of clinical wisdom that you won't find in textbooks but could one day help you save a life or spot a rare diagnosis.

You can read it here and I highly recommend a browse!

When I have time (which isn't all that often!) I have been producing an occasional series of infographics on topics arising from that thread, starting with the notoriously tough farmer-patients (and the notorious "Hot Farmer" infographic!) and then looking at the "Terminal turd", ACE-I induced angio-oedema, and the classic complications of cancer.

Here's the latest - a festive take on some of the paediatric words of wisdom shared back in spring!

All the #CautionaryTales can be viewed (and PDFs downloaded should you wish) from the #FOAMed Infographics page without the main Downloads section.

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