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The infographic about how fab OTs are!

Four months ago, I sat down with the fantastic OTs I was working with in a small remote-from-DGH Ambulatory Care Unit and asked them "What do you do that many people don't know you can do?". I honestly had no idea of the breadth of their capability - although I'd realised soon after starting to do more work in the community that OT input can have an almost magical effect on someone's quality of life.

So I made an infographic, and shared it on Twitter. Somewhat to my astonishment, it has been one of my most popular infographics, and when I looked just now in preparation for this blog post, it has quietly crept past 100,000 views, with nearly 6000 people having clicked on it.

I'm very pleased that hopefully means 100k more people have either learned - or been reminded - that OTs are #NotJustAboutEquipment, and I'm even more delighted to add a special NZ edition at the request of Alisa Lucking and Louise Lennon!

If you click on these thumbnails you can download full-resolution PDFs for local use.

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