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Wellbeing-related Links & Resources

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Here are some links to other resources that may be of interest:

  • Intensive Care Society Wellbeing Resource Library 

  • Mental Health Academy talk - the first 15 minutes are specifically about building wellbeing. Previously the talk was called "Suicide mitigation" - please don't let that put you off!  It's free, but you do need to register.  

  • COVID Care - Helping the Helpers has been compiled by HEIW Clinical Leadership Fellow Huw Davies. A really lovely site we recommend you visit, with practical help, links to trusted sources of information, and of course, resources about protecting and promoting your own wellbeing. 

  • Healthcare worker AND parent? Check out this infographic from Raka Maitra - how to square the circle of "being hero" at work conflicting with being a parent at home - a conflict that can leave you unable to switch off a home, and at risk of making mistakes at work. 


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Click here to return to the COVID-19 wellbeing homepage where you can download our guidance documents and infographics as full-resolution PDFs ready for printing. 

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