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About Linda (& interface medicine)

Dr Linda Dykes qualified from Newcastle Medical School in 1996, trained in the North East & Mersey regions, and is one of only a handful of doctors in the UK who are dual-qualified in both Emergency Medicine & General Practice. Even fewer remain active in both specialties, and she is believed to be the only dual-qualified EM/GP in the UK who has also gained experience working in Acute Community Geriatrics, in a "Hospital at Home" service. Linda also spent two years working regular shifts in Ambulance Control, and has dabbled in the development of telephone algorithms via a short secondment to NHS111 Cymru/Wales.  


Equipped with this unique skillset - plus a track record of successfully building up services ("branding", recruitment, and marketing) - Linda sees the NHS through a very unique lens, and  loves to work at bridging the gap between hospital and community services.

Linda's blog will eventually form a platform for some of her ponderings - but in the meantime, here are some interface-related medicine resources and infographics. 


Wales COTE Infographic L Dykes Feb 2017.
Concentric Castle v1.0.jpg
Double Castle view.jpg
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