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Wellbeing for HCWs during COVID19 

Welcome to Staff Wellbeing during COVID19.


This is a frightening time for all of us in the NHS. Some are already seeing COVID19 for real, others know it is coming and are preparing for what we know is likely to be an extremely tough few months. None of us have any lived experience of a pandemic like this. Many of us are going into it tired, burned-out and scared… but resolute in wanting to do our best for patients and the country.  


Apart from public health measures to try to reduce the size and speed of the outbreak, HCWs are the next line of defence in the fight against the virus. And in order to this to our best ability, we need to look after ourselves, and have our employers build staff wellbeing into their plans, too. 


The guidance here has been compiled by a combination of UK and international subject matter experts in the psychology of staff wellbeing (psychiatrist, psychologists, counsellors) plus medical managers and everyday clinicians from clinical areas likely to get hit hard by COVID. The main document - Optimising staff preparedness, wellbeing, and functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic response - is in constant evolution.


Dr Alys Cole-King (Consultant Psychiatrist) is co-ordinating and welcomes your feedback and ideas: please get in touch over Twitter for now (@AlysColeKing), pending creation of a dedicated email address. We have been loaned this web page to act as a repository for our resources.  We will also start releasing bite-sized chunks as infographics. They will be made available here to download as PDFs, and for sharing on social media via our Twitter account, @HCW_Welfare 


All epidemics have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Together we can support each other and reach the other side of this.

Dr Alys Cole-King & Dr Linda Dykes - Thus 19th March 2020


Guidance documents

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Just started!

Optimising staff well-being, preparedness and functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic response

A wide ranging summary of actions for healthcare organisations and HCPs, organised by phase of the response. 

Staff well-being during COVID-19:

A Structured approach for healthcare organisations

What levels of staff distress need what response?

What can staff and their teams do for themselves and each other?

Did you know that emerging from a crisis response at work may be a particularly high-risk period for staff members?

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