The "Snippets" series

  • The "Snippets" series - originally called "Bog Blogs" - are how I share things I have learned/re-learned.

  • They are designed to be printed off and stuck on the back of the toilet door!

  • They appear sporadically - usually in the months leading up to my appraisal! 

  • Click on thumbnail to download PDF

  • All items © Dr Linda Dykes.

  • Everything here is #FOAMed - please download and use, but do not alter or use uncredited. 

Pharmacology Tips and Tricks 2021 v1.1.jpg
Paediatric Snippets Summer 2021 v1.0.jpg
Christmas Caveats about kids v1.0.jpg
Autumn 2019 CPD snippets.jpg
Spring 2019 Bog Blog Twitter version.jpg
Summer Snippets 2019 v1.0.jpg
Bangor Bog Blog Easter 2018.jpg

Easter 2018

Summer 2018 CPD sheet.jpg

Summer 2018